Adam Wagner

Nov 15 2012

A Quick SEO Trick for a Faster Website - Adjust Image Sizes


I came across this brilliant piece of information recently and just had to share it. 

Have you ever been tempted to upload a giant image to your blog or website via Wordpress and then have Wordpress auto-size it for you? 

Of course you have! We all have! This is one of the great inovations of a CMS that makes the lives of us non-developers so much easier. However, this trick is SEO fools-gold. 

The CMS simply plugs in code that tells the browser the size that the image should be viewed in. This means that every time a given page is loaded the browser must take the time to resize the image and adjust what is being viewed by a user. This can oftentimes be done is milliseconds, but as larger files and more content is placed on your site it will begin to slow down. It is like adding unnecessary weights to a sprinter. You want to have your site be as lean as possible. 

Thankfully there is an easy fix to this problem. You can use an image editing software such as Photoshop or Gimp (for those of us that are poor) to simply change the size of your images before uploading them onto your website. This way you can ensure that only images of the exact size are living on the site and there is no excess baggage. 

*When resizing or cropping the image to fit this is also a great time to update the title of the image to your perfectly optimized image title :) 

**Please note that I am a major advocate of using imagery in abundance on most websites. In this post, I just wanted to explain that it will benefit you to use appropriately sized images on your website. 

If you did not catch this yet the SEO benefit to using exact sized images is that Google places ranking value on the speed of your site. So, a faster version of your site will receive more Google love and you will likely see increased rankings. 

Good luck!

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